this is how it feels like
take a nap :)
summer is at its best when it’s bitter sweet 
when you fall into routine it’s one of the scariest and at the same time most comforting things that you can feel. 
what I need right now is to brake it. need to reset, reboot, recycle my body and my mind. I’ll be back, better and different than I am now.
loads of love & be brave,
life is about freedom

I don’t need any more staged photography that looks nice. I need the real stuff that looks real - good or bad, happy or sad. Maybe, in the best scenario, photography that looks the way someone was feeling or thinking about it, if you manage to convey that. But please. There are too many “adventurers” and “seekers of the light” that are afraid of really getting themselves out there as human beings and it shows in over-aestheticising everything. And that results in people searching for that aesthetic moment more then the experience itself. Photography can be so much more then just a visual representation of what you think a beautiful shot looks like. 

Just sayin’.

go off and seek a great perhaps,it’s summer, for everyone’s sake!

sometimes there just is no other way of expressing my feelings
that summer time feelings
It’s (mainly) because of this girl that I have decided to pursue my dreams. It was winter and I was torn, but we went to see a beautiful movie and she bought me the best tea ever and reminded me of the important things in life. It’s summer now and we’re eating ice cream in a park. We’ve gotten through entire year of photography studies together and I can honestly say she is the best “thing” that happened to me in a long while. Thank you for everything, really. Mirjam, you mean A LOT to me and I can’t wait to embark on new adventures with you! Many more to come, I’m sure  📷