set forth.
new adventures await.

My dear analog friends!

I have started my exchange studies and I have an overwhelming amount of work as it is - and we are only in our second week! They call me Bob in one of the classes, because my name is hard to pronounce. Bob already has a blog.

Until I settle down and figure out what is it that I want to do with this blog here (developing film is an issue right now), I will leave you at peace.
I have to put up two web pages for my studies and if something good comes out of it I’ll let you in to have a peek.

Until then,
I love you all, 


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My studies started again today. But on another continent in another school system. The summer was short and I can not wait for new challenges.
white lies
the never-ending blues of nature that impose getting lost in your own mind
my teethes company this summer. lovely ones!
life gets all raw and beautiful sometimes
this is how it feels like
take a nap :)
summer is at its best when it’s bitter sweet 
when you fall into routine it’s one of the scariest and at the same time most comforting things that you can feel. 
what I need right now is to brake it. need to reset, reboot, recycle my body and my mind. I’ll be back, better and different than I am now.
loads of love & be brave,